Pray for my child to have a good health

Lord, I come before you today with a heart full of love and concern for my precious child. I am grateful for the gift of their life and the joy they bring to our family. I ask for your guidance and support as I pray for their good health.

I pray for their physical well-being, that you would protect them from illness, pain, and any harm that may come their way. Please strengthen their body, boost their immune system, and grant them vitality and energy. May they experience the fullness of health and enjoy a vibrant and active life.

I also pray for their emotional and mental well-being. Shield them from anxiety, fear, and any emotional struggles. Fill their heart with peace, joy, and resilience. Help them navigate any challenges with courage and grace.

Surround my child with loving and supportive people who will uplift them and contribute positively to their life. Grant wisdom and skill to the healthcare professionals involved in their care, that they may provide the best treatment and support.
In Jesus Name. We pray. Amen.


Lord, we ask that You would bring complete healing to your child. We pray for their body to be strengthened, their immune system to function optimally, and for any sickness or ailment to be eradicated from their body. Please grant them good health and protect them from any harm or illness.


Lord, we surrender our worries and anxieties about the child of Osvaldo’s health into Your loving hands. Help us to trust in Your sovereignty and have faith that You are in control. May Your peace that surpasses all understanding guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

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May God bless your child with good health and provide you with the strength and guidance to care for them. Remember to seek appropriate medical care and continue to love and support your child in every way possible.