Pray for my brother's relationship to his girlfriend

My brother told me that his girlfriend broke him last night due to their misunderstanding.
His girlfriend thought that he was cheating on her because don’t call her for a whole day due to his work.
I know it’s an unreasonable reason, but I don’t want to interfere with their relationship.
He’s hoping that they can fix their relationship.
I feel pity for my brother because I know that He loves his Girlfriend.

Pray for my brother that they can fix their relationship also may the Lord God will guide and shower them with His Love.
Thank you!


I am praying to both of them, may God give them peace of my so that they can talk to each other.
Also, shower His love on them.

I will pray for them, May God will help them to restore their relationship and surround them with His love.
In Jesus Name I prayed. Amen.