Pray for me that I will be okay, and everything will be alright

The pain I feel now, the weight inside my heart, I can’t sleep, and the only thing I do is cry until I fall asleep, I don’t know what happened to me. I am Spiritually tired.

I can’t tell my family that I’m tired, I can’t do it anymore, I want to rest because I know they’re counting on me. They thought I was strong so they didn’t even ask me if I was okay.
Not one of them asked me if I could still do it. Do I need help?

Just pray for me that I will be okay and that I will get through this.
Thank you!


You can do it! Just don’t give up! Just always think about the one you love in life and God’s promises that he gave us. Knowing that all the hardships and pains we have felt today have something in return, the happiness we have been looking for for a long time, the joy that will last forever.

He defeated Satan and denied him all his authority,so that fear is an evil spirit that works in those who do not listen, is to attacking you(that spirit), so if you hear it coming back. Tell that pain and confess with your mouth that the one who defeated you has gone nowhere and My Jesus has defeated you, go away for me.

Please proclaimed that you’re victorious and If you feel this pain, say Jesus, will you do it?