Pray for me that I can overcome every trial

I am struggling with my finances and work, Since I started working I think that I can help my family and sustain their needs but I am wrong about that since I started working I am in debt because my mother always got sick she needs to have regular check-ups and medication. only my travel expenses every day are left on my salary.

I am happy that I can help them or provide for their needs but sometimes, I am struggling.
Pray for me that I can overcome every trial that is given to me. I know and I believe that God is there to help me to carry my burden.
Thank you so much!


Hi :wave:
It’s natural to take care of a family, but sometimes it’s really not easy. I’ll pray that God give you strength.

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Thank you so much @Chloe . :heart:
God bless you!

May the Lord will give you the strength that you need to overcome what you’ve been through right now.
I will always pray for you, I am also a provider to my family. I know what you felt right now. Keep on fighting. :blush: :muscle: :muscle:

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I will pray for you @Justin_Filch . May God give you the strength that you need and shower your family with His abundant blessings.
Let God help you to carry your burden.

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Hi everyone :wave:
Thank you so much for all your prayers. I appreciate your help through prayers.