Pray for courage, comfort, wisdom and knowledge for my brother

My brother having anxiety attacks for several days now. Wasn’t able to do anything and had zero progress in studying for his incoming law review exams. The worst part is that he doesn’t have someone to talk to since he lives alone in the city. He called me last night crying, it broke my heart to see him like that.

He has always been a happy kid and strong not until lately.
Pray for my brother that God will comfort him and guide also give him wisdom and knowledge for his upcoming exams.
Thank you!


I am praying for him @Emmaline_Zarzuela.
May the Lord will guide, comfort, and give Him knowledge for His study.
God bless your family.

May God embrace him and comfort him.
I know it’s hard to be a part of our family especially when we need someone to comfort us and to talk to us.
However, I believe that he can overcome that when he learned to adjust to his surroundings.
I pray for him.