Please pray to God that we can get out of this poverty and I find a job soon

My mind is in turmoil, my chest is pounding, and sometimes I think of doing something bad to survive every day and also to provide for my children’s needs but I know by doing that kind of thing will not help us.
I feel so heavy and hopeless. I’m so disappointed in myself, even the days of my children I can’t provide.
I feel ashamed to face them. I know they understand our situation but for how long do we need to wait?

Please pray to God that we can get out of this poverty and I find a job soon.
A job that will give me enough salary to sustain the need of my family.
Also, pray that I can find a good boss that will treat me better.
Thank you!


May God will guide you to the right job where you can share your knowledge and also gained some knowledge from them.
Also leads you to the good boss who treat their employee like their own family.
I will pray for you!

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Trust God and wait for the right time and to His will.
He will not leave you. All we need to do is to get closer to Him and surrender all our worries to Him.

I will pray for you, and may God will guide you and show you to the right path in your life.

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A prayer without perseverance is nothing. Continue to strive hard to find a good job to help you and your family. Add more diligence and faith that soon you will be able to give what your family needs.
Keep faith and trust in the Lord.