Please pray for my sister and niece to have good health and safety

My sister is about to give birth to her daughter she is now in the delivery room.
Please pray for them to have good health and safety. We are eagerly waiting to welcome our little niece into this world.
It’s our blessing that we have another member of our family.
Our family is getting bigger.

I would like to request your prayer for them.
Thank you so much and I will appreciate all of you.


Hello @Jean_Furia
Congratulations for having a niece.
They are a blessings from God.
I will pray for their safety and good health.

I am praying for their safety.
May the Lord God will protect them.

I will pray for your dear sister @Jean_Furia, May the Lord will guard them for their safety and bless them with good health.

I am hoping that they are both safe and healthy.
I will pray for them.

Hi @Jean_Furia. I hope they are both alright.
Congratulations on having another member of the family.
How I wish that I’ll be having a niece this year. :sweat_smile: