Please pray for my brother's internship

I hope that my brother’s internship will be successful and the he will have the opportunity to learn and grow in his chosen field. May he be surrounded by supportive colleagues and mentors who will guide and encourage him throughout his internship.

May he be blessed with the skills and knowledge he needs to excel in his work, and may he have the opportunity to make valuable connections and gain valuable experience that will benefit him in his future career.

May he have the strength, perseverance, and determination to overcome any challenges that come his way, and may he always trust in his abilities and his faith to guide him through every situation.

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Dear God, I pray the brother of Jillian as he embarks on his internship journey. I ask that you guide him and give him the wisdom, skills, and confidence he needs to excel in his work.
Please bless him with a positive and supportive work environment and opportunities to learn and grow in his field of study. Amen.