Please pray for me that I can my exams

We just finished our midterm exam and I am not that confident about the result of my midterm grade, especially one of the subjects I reviewed, I studied the things that should be studied but I still had a really hard time. I am now disappointed in myself and I also feel heavy because of what happened so I decided to write it here and somehow I feel better. Thank you, Lord, because I know you will not leave me as long as I stay with you. I will not give up even though I know that the chance that I will pass is low because I believe that nothing is impossible with You. We will recover, Lord. I will improve even more. Fight!!

Please pray for me that I can my exams.
Thank you so much!
God bless us all!

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Hi@ Cindy, I will pay for you. Always think positively, I know you can make it.
Always believe in yourself.
I know we can’t avoid having doubts sometimes but don’t let doubt overflow. Keep believing in yourself.