Please help me to pray for the soul of my mother

Dear God, please accept the soul of my mother into your loving arms. We are grateful for the life she lived and the love she gave. We pray that she finds eternal peace and rest in your presence.

We ask that you comfort us during this time of mourning and help us to cherish the memories we have of her. May her spirit live on in our hearts and guide us in our daily lives.

Please watch over us and keep us in your loving care. Amen."


Dear God, we lift up the soul of the mother of @Kaleigh_Frasco to You. We know that she was a beloved daughter of Yours and that You loved her dearly. We pray that she may find eternal rest in Your loving arms.

Lord, we ask that You grant her soul peace and comfort, and that she may be surrounded by Your loving presence. Please forgive any sins she may have committed during her life and let her find solace in the knowledge that she is forgiven and loved.

We also ask that You grant [Your Name] and your family comfort during this difficult time. Help them to find peace and strength in their faith, and may they be surrounded by Your loving grace.

We offer this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, Your son and our savior. Amen.

May she rest in paradise.
I miss my mom while reading this post. She died last month time flies so fast, it’s been already 41 days since she leaves us.
I pray also for the healing and comfort of your family. Amen!

Praying for the soul of your mother Kaleigh, I know it’s not easy to move on. Especially that is your mother. I feel you.
Remember that everything will be alright God heal the pain that you felt right now.