Please help me pray for guidance and wisdom for my brother

Help me to pray that God grant him clarity of mind and a discerning spirit to help him make wise choices that align with His will for his life. Give him the courage to follow His leading, even when it is difficult.

May God surround him with wise and supportive people who can offer him sound advice and encouragement. May he have the confidence to seek out their guidance and discernment when needed.
In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.


May God guide his decision-making, and help him to make choices that align with your will for his life.
I also ask God that He give him the strength and courage to follow the path that He have set before him, even when it may be difficult or challenging. May he always trust in God’s plan for his life, and have the faith to follow where God’s lead.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Hi jill.hope you are well.also your brother.god is in control and will work everything out for he keeps trusting the lord.roms 8v28.he will guide him and direct him.psl 32v8.isaiah 49v17.also will supply his needs.phils he has aplan for him and it’s agoodone.jeremiah 29v11.we know nothing is impossible with our god.luke1v37.gbless Jill.alan

We pray for healing, for yourself and for those around you who are struggling with illness or emotional pain. We ask that God bring comfort and healing to those who are suffering, and that God give them the strength and resilience to overcome their difficulties.

I pray that God guide your brother’s steps and lead him towards the path of righteousness and success. May God grant him the discernment and insight he needs to make wise and informed decisions in every aspect of his life.

I pray that God bless him with strength, perseverance, and courage in the face of any obstacles or challenges he may encounter. Help him to keep his faith and trust in God, knowing that God will always be with him.

May he be filled with the love and grace of God and may he continue to grow and develop into the person you have called him to be.