Please guide me Lord in the decisions I will make

Battling with depression since day 1 of my life. Everyone leaves me whenever I am fighting my anxiety. I gain weight, I’m always awake, and my mind is always occupied with what if’s in life and questions. It’s tiring to take risks especially when you know that it’s the people close to you who make you feel like you can’t do it.

I get closer to God and surrender all my grievances and my sadness. He never gets tired of listening to me.
I’m not okay yet, but I’ll try to be okay for the people who believe in and trust me. Please guide me Lord in the decisions I will make. I’m so tired of being used, My life is worthless Lord☹️ Please forgive me when I thought to let go.


Please remember that you are valuable and loved, and your life has a purpose. Hold on to hope and seek support from those around you. And, if you ever feel like giving up, know that there is always a way forward, and you are not alone in your struggles.

Hi is alan.god isin control and will work everything out for u keep trusting him.roms 8v28.hewill guide u and will direct u.psl 32v8.isaiah 49v17.also will supply your needs.phils 4v19.ashe has aplan for u and it’s agoodone.jeremiah times of worry remind yourself of luke1v37.“nothing is impossible with our god”.gbless.alan