Please guide me and protect me, Lord God

Please guide me and protect me, Lord God.
Please save me and my whole family from any disease and harm.
Please give me strength every day, keep me away from bad people, and don’t leave me alone. Please don’t let bad things happen to us, please help me in this day, please bless me too, may I be healed, please embrace me with your holy spirit, Lord, I surrender my life you Lord God, I trust you with all my heart Lord God.


I will pray for you @Elijah_Jass may God will send His angels to guard and protect wherever you go and also to guide you to the right path.
May God will give also His healing power to every pain and illness that you had right now.

Lord guide His family I know that their life is not easy now.
Give them strength to get up and continue in life Lord God.
Bless them Oh Lord, shower them with your blessings Lord God.
In Jesus Name. I prayed. Amen!

Everything I do in this life Lord God, guide me, and wherever I am protect me and shield me with your divine power.
With your power Lord God, I know you can do all things because nothing is impossible with you Lord God. It trusts you and believe you always.