Please forgive me for my shortcomings Lord God

Lord Jesus, I ask for your forgiveness for all my sins.
Please forgive me for my shortcomings. I hope you give me strength, peace, and comfort in life and guide me every day.
Also, guide my children away from danger.

Guide us always, especially my family and my family who are far away from us.
Thank you for being with us every day, for guiding us, for protecting our family, and for your tireless love. Amen!


I will pray for you Steir, I know God already forgive you since you repented your sins.
I also prayed that God will guide you and your family to the right path. In Jesus’s Name I pray. Amen.

I do pray for Steir_Arelyala, and I wish you to read in (Psalms 23 1-6).