Please forgive me! And please give me restoration

I just wake up as if something is missing and feel sad and I come here to find what’s missing in me. and I just realize that there is so much missing in my life because I forget who I am. I forget the Lord who made me. I forgot to worship Him. To visit Him. To serve Him. To have quality time with Him. To talk to Him every day. I forget what I should always do, I forget the one who is actually always there to comfort and love me through my worst and best!

I am sorry oh Lord! :sob: :sob: :sob: Please forgive me! And please give me restoration.
And make me a good disciple, come to my heart Lord! :sob: :sob: :sob:


:sob: :sob: :sob: :people_hugging: :people_hugging:
May the Lord God help you to restore your faith in Him and return to Him.
Also forgive you for the sins that you committed.
I will always pray for you.

Learn to talk to God everyday it help you to get closer to Him.
Knowing God is like also knowing our self.
You know what I don’t really what I am going say :smile: but all I can say is keep believing to God and Trust Him with all your heart.

Don’t lose hope, know that God is always there for you and forgives you.
He is there to embrace and comfort you, willing to accept you for who you are.
Keep believing and talking to God.