Please everyone kindly pray for me

Please everyone kindly pray for me.
I caught my wife accidentally who’s working in the other city, now cheating. I’m all messed up now, I don’t know what I am going to do I feel so low thinking that my family is broken, and the situation of my children it’s broke my heart.
I am still hoping that she repents all the mistakes that she did and return to us. Although everything has been a big change, still I am accepting her for the sake of our children.

I still raising this to Lord God because I know that everything in HIS will is possible. It hurts, is only hanging into God’s word. I feel so bad right now. PRAY FOR ME, EVERYONE.


Sending love and hugs :heart: :heart:
may God will guide you and touch your heart also shower His Love to your family.
I will pray for your family.

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