Playing with My Dog Sky

When I walked to the park with my dog, I saw a wallet ont the gorund. I didn’t know whose or who owned it, so I waited patiently there with my dog, while waiting I played with my dog, it felt so good to have time for myself and for my dog. I am very thankful for my dog ​​. He is always there to cheer me up when I am feeling down ,because my dog ​​is the only person with me at home. I am thankful to God for giving such and adorable dog like Sky.
After all, I am far from my family. They live in another city, and I rented an apartment near my workplace.
After how many hour of waiting for the owner of the wallet someone asked me if I saw the wallet. I asked him what color he answered correctly, so I gave it to him and we went home.
Have a great day everyone!