Picnic with my Family

As for my family, they had not been gone for any outings for a few months. I decided to call my Aunt, who lives in another city, and ask her to come over with her family. It was time for our family picnic where we could meet our relatives. And spend a day happily. Although meeting our relatives regularly is impossible, Thanks to our tight schedules, an immediate plan for a family picnic brought us together. The day ended with a heavy heart, but the memory will remain forever.


Spending time together with our relatives is one of the best memories that we have. Having fun, talking about childhood memories. For me, one day is not enough
to spend with them.

Yesterday we also had a family picnic, Since we have been busy these past few months. We’re playing badminton, Riding a bicycle with my brother. That was another unforgettable experience in our life

How I wish I could be with my family this coming summer, I have worked in another city since then, and I don’t have enough to with them together. I already miss them so much.

I’d love to have a picnic with my family soon when I return to my country to stay there for so good. Since I already got my retirement. I am always working far away from them. I miss them so much.

Have faun and enjoy the rest of the day. Spending time with our family is the precious time we have. God bless your family.

Enjoy, have fun, and make the most of your time with them—God bless your family.