Our sorrow matters to God

Psalm 56:8 — Our sorrow matters to God.

In the midst of your sorrow, allow yourself to lean on the promises of God. His love is a balm that soothes the wounds of the heart, and His presence is a refuge where you can find peace amid life’s storms. Your sorrow matters because God is intimately involved in every aspect of your life, offering strength to carry you through the darkest valleys.

Hold onto the hope that God understands your sorrows, and His love is a constant, unwavering force that will see you through. Your sorrow matters to God, and in HIs presence, you find a sanctuary where healing begins and joy can eventually replace mourning.


This encouragement invites us to lean on our faith for support and guidance, trusting that God sees and holds our sorrows with love and empathy.

May you find comfort in the belief that your sorrow matters, and may you experience the healing grace that comes from connecting with a compassionate and caring higher power.


In moments of grief or hardship, holding onto the belief that our sorrow matters to God can provide comfort and a sense of divine companionship. It reinforces the idea that, even in our lowest moments, we are held in a compassionate and caring embrace.

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Jesus himself experienced sorrow and grief, and He empathizes with our struggles. In times of sorrow, may you find strength in the understanding that God walks beside you, offering comfort, healing, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Remember that your sorrow matters to God, and He is there to uplift you with His grace and love.