Only ourselves can really help us

When you’re there to bring joy, there’s no negativity, just positivity, smile at everyone you meet, you’re like a clown who brings joy, but behind all the laughs, you’re carrying something, you’re hurting that they can’t see anything wrong with you.

They know you’re strong, they see you’re okay, you can’t show that you’re not happy, you can’t be okay, it should be okay if you’re not, and when you let out your sadness, you’ll hear nothing but sarcastic word other says that you are dramatic!

It hurts to think that they don’t notice how sad you are behind that laughter. You also want to find comfort but you have no one close enough to lean on even for a moment.
If it’s really yourself, only you can understand and help you. It hurts!


For me, someone will say how are you? But through chat or message only that feeling that you want to share but no one asks you personally how are you? I’m always alone because I don’t have a friend who can tell me how I felt.
Keep fighting!


It’s true that only we can help ourselves.
So don’t expect others too much, so that at least when they turn you down, you won’t be hurt so much.

All you have to do is trust in our Lord. Because everyone will leave us but God will stay with us to guide us.