Nothing Will Be Impossible With God

I’ve loved babies ever since I was one and always longed to one day be a mother. But, I believe If God wants me to have children one day, it will happen. Nothing is impossible with Him. A few months later, my husband and I hugged and cried as we stared in glad surprise at the positive pregnancy test in my hand. That was the best gift we received after waiting for our baby to be born. It was just the baby and me at home, and my panic levels were starting to rise as all the ‘what ifs’ began to flood my mind. I feel anxious about how I take good care of my baby. My husband had taken some time off work to be at home to help me with the baby. But God reminded me that he is always there for us.

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That’s the best gift of God for your family.Congratulations.May the Love of God shower your family and guide your family always. God bless you