Nothing is indeed difficult for God, his grace is always sufficient

Nothing is indeed difficult for God, his grace is always sufficient.
I gave birth to my 1st born when I was only 18 years old, I remember the day when I and my family found out I was pregnant I locked myself in the bathroom. I was crying not because I was afraid of what others would say but because I was afraid of what kind of life I can give to my child. I can still vividly remember that while I was in CR I was crying my eyes out while praying.
I just said that you will take care of us, I said that starting from that day I offer my child’s life to you Lord. I didn’t think about having an abortion even though I was very worried because I have the assurance in my heart that He will not leave us.

Now my son is turning 10 this year and God is amazing. I never thought that we would be able to raise him well, we were able to put him into a good school, we were able to feed him properly, and provide for his needs and other wants. His father and I are still together now. Great Lord! Even though I sinned, you still loved me.
I am also very happy that at a young age, my son is slowly getting to know God. God was the only best friend I had at the time when I was so down until now that we are slowly standing up on our own feet.


God bless you and your family@Matilda, may God always guide and protect your whole family. Also, may you keep serving God and follow Him in this life.
Nothing is indeed impossible with God when we believe in Him.