Noche Buena package for the people

It’s Christmas it’s time for us to give back what God has given to us.
Let’s help each other.
Let’s help those people in need, let’s give them a Noche Buena package so that they can have something to eat on Christmas eve.
I remember before we celebrate Christmas that all we have that time is slice bread.

But still, we are thankful because we have something to eat at that time.
Right now our life changes we already afford some meat and fruits and also gifts for my family.
So to share our blessings I will give them a Noche Buena package.
It’s our way of thanking God for giving us His abundant blessings.


This is a good idea. Sharing is caring :blush: :blush:
Thank for your generosity, may the Lord God will bless you with abundant blessings so that you can help a lot of people around the world.
Thank you for your help. :heart: :heart: :heart:

That’s exceptional!.. I salute you for what you did.
May the Lord God will shower His blessings upon you and your friend so that you can help more people.