No one knows how hard we cry to God because it's already heavy

No one knows how hard we cry to God because it’s already heavy.
People around us knew we were doing okay. I know there are times that we question our worth, search for our purpose feel that we aren’t good enough, feel pressure from expectations, feel lost, worrying about the future, but please know that God doesn’t intend you to fight the battle alone but only God knows how we feel, deeply broken and longing for his Grace.

Thank God, it feels so good crying out to Him. I hope and Pray that God will bless His children whenever you are in Jesus’ Name. Be still God is with us.


Sometimes we don’t feel comfortable when it comes to sharing our problems with others because we are afraid that they judge us.

But when we talk to God and share our burdens with Him, He will not judge us.
He will comfort us and fill us with His everlasting love.

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