New Zealand Earthquake

Sharing the latest news that I found on YouTube.
Watching this kind of news I feel devastated thinking about their situations.
Let’s pray for them, especially for those people who are the victim of calamity.


Let’s pray for them, may God will comfort them and embrace them.
Let’s pray that everything will be alright.

While driving I was listening to this news, I realized that God’s wrath for us started already due to our sins in this world.
I hope every one of us learned to get closer to God and repent our sins wholeheartedly.

May God will comfort every one of them and embrace them during this calamity.
I am hoping that this earthquake will stop in the power of God. Amen.

Praying for all the victims of this earthquake.
May God will help them to lift them up from their falling.
I know it’s not easy to start over again but with the help of our God, they can make it.
Keep safe everyone!

Knowing what they went through today was not easy.
I will pray that they receive help from the private and public sectors.
They need help now, financially, with food and prayer.

Let’s pray for them, may God will comfort them during this calamity and lift them.