New CCTV footage shows buildings collapsing during Turkey earthquake

That is heartbreaking footage, a lot happens in our world lately.
Are these the beginning or end times?
Because we have committed so many sins, the Lord has gradually punished us.
I hope all of us will learn to repent of our sins committed.

Anyway, let’s pray to all who have experienced the agony of today’s calamity.
I hope this will end soon.


It’s so sad to watch a video like this it makes my heart break.
Imagine how they suffered after this calamity.
It’s God’s wrath towards us because we do a lot of mistakes, especially in this generation.
A lot of doesn’t believe in God, they only believe in their idols.

Let’s pray for those who have been affected by this calamity.
May will lift them and help them to overcome this calamity.

A lot of things happen to us in this human world, let’s reunite in prayer.

watching this kind of news is so heartbreaking :sob:
May everything will be alright soon in the Of our Jesus Christ.
May God embrace them and comfort them at this moment.