Never stop Trusting God

I was at the peak of my life and I want to give up, I am hopeless in everything, my parents got divorced and my girlfriend left me. No one is there for me when I need someone to lend or comfort. No one is there to encourage me. There are times that I want to suicide.
But when my life is a mess God is there to embrace and give me comfort. My comfort is to go church I always stayed at the church to cry and talk to God. Until I didn’t do anything that makes me hurt, Instead I feel happiness with the Lord. I always believed and Trust God in everything because nothing is impossible with the power and love of God.

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PSALM 37:3

“Trust the Lord and do good; live in the land, and farm faithfulness.”

  • even though we are facing a lot of trials don’t let those trials drag you down or make your faith become weak. Instead, make it your encouragement to stay your faith stronger and Trust God with all your heart because everything has a reason.
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Thank you for the encouraging words @jahdai_lawanda.
God bless us all!