Never judge someone especially if you don't know them personally

Never judge someone especially if you don’t know them personally. You don’t have the right to judge someone based on what you heard or what was told to you. Better now to shut up especially if you don’t know anything about the life of people and start to mind your own business. Always put your feet in someone’s shoes, no matter who it is.
Start minding your own business and be happy.


I completely agree with you. It’s important to remember that everyone has their own unique story and experiences that have shaped who they are. We shouldn’t judge someone based on external factors like appearance or social status.

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By avoiding judgment and practicing empathy, we can cultivate stronger relationships and a more compassionate and understanding world.
It’s important to never judge other people.

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May God help us to refrain from judging others and instead show love, grace, and understanding towards them, just as He has shown us. Let us strive to walk in humility and seek to understand others before passing judgment. May our interactions with others be guided by God’s love and reflect His character in all that we do.