Never Give Up So Easily

I believe in myself and God’s perfect plan for us. Even if my mother passed away at an early age and I haven’t paid back all the sacrifices she did for us, I promise that I can pay for her love and sacrifices for us by becoming a good daughter to my father and a good role model to my younger siblings.

Sometimes, we are seeing ourselves as a failure and unworthy because of our imperfections, fears, and pressures around us.
All you can do is belief in God and yourself. As I always say, Do not quit! Do not stop! Do not surrender! Chase your dreams to the fullest of your abilities.


Keep moving forward and fighting I know God has wonderful plan for you @Kristina_Meyer don’t lose hope.

By developing a growth mindset, seeking support and inspiration, and practicing self-care, you can develop the resilience and perseverance to never give up easily.
Trust yourself I know you can do it!