Never give up. Just keep watch and Guard our faith

Last year, I went through a severe depression.
I gave up serving God, also because of shame. Because we know that if we are a disciple of God and a standing worship leaders in the church in the eyes of people we have no right to make mistakes. And because of that, I let go of God because of shame.
Because I don’t want to hear many hurtful words from people around me. It even got to the point where I just wanted to disappear from the world, but thanks to my family, pastors, and church members because they never give up on me!

Now, I can say that I am happy serving God with all I am! That no matter what problems I face, I will face them firmly and bravely because I have God to cling to. And if anyone makes a mistake as long as we are humble to him wholeheartedly and ask for forgiveness, he will wholeheartedly accept it!
Never give up. Just keep watch and Guard our faith.


Never Give up no matter what happen to our life.
keep believing to God, He is always there to lead us to His path when we follow Him.

when we surrender to God all our worries.
everything will be alright because nothing is impossible with the Lord.