Never Give Up, It's Never Too Late

I have a friend that I admire the most. He is so persistent in finding a job that is suitable for him. He consistently distributed his resume to different companies, but no one called him for an interview. Still, he never gave up; yesterday, he left to find a job. Luckily he got accepted, which is the best company in our city.
I am happy for his confidence and courage in not giving up on his dream job.


Thank you for this encouraging message
I am also searching for a job. I almost give up on finding a stable job. But with the will of God, He gave me a suitable and stable career for me today! I am grateful to God for giving me this opportunity.

Nothing is impossible when you believe and never stop chasing those dreams, but don’t forget to thank God for every achievement you’ve reached because without the guidance of the Lord you will not make it.