Never get tired of praying or talking to God

Never get tired of praying or talking to God, I know that sometimes we are doubted because God never answers our prayers. God has a reason for that because He only wants for us what is best for us. Or it is not the right time for us.
Keep believing in God and praying.


“For prayer is nothing else than being on terms of friendship with God.”—Saint Teresa of Ávila


Yes, because it is our only way to get closer or talking to God.

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Amen, Through prayer is our way of having a closer relationship with God.
Never get tired of praying to God.
Keep talking to God every day.

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Amen! Praise God.Thank you,Alisha_Gendermalik for Sharing your Spiritual Experiances and Encouragement.

Amen! Praise God.Thank you Jacqueline_Charity for Sharing your Intimate Relationship to our God Through Prayer.