My wife recovered from her cancer after the operation

Last year we just found out that my wife has breast cancer, we were shocked at that time we don’t know what will be going to say.
but we never blame nor question God why this kind of ordeal happens to my wife because I know God never gives things that will ruin or destroy you. We know God is with us in this fight we will never be discouraged and we know we can overcome this cancer for He overcomes the death on the cross.

And now slowly my wife recovered from her cancer after the operation.
We know that there are times that cancer returns after some time but we are not losing hope that God will cure her.


It’s answered prayer, May the Lord give her a healing power.
I know nothing impossible with God because He is our divine healer.
Keep praying and Trust God everything will be alright.

May the Lord god will give her complete healing.
I will pray for her full recovery.
Don’t give up, remember that there is light or hope after the storm that you face right now.