My weight journey

After giving birth to my first child, I am gaining some weight, I can’t control my appetite, And some of my friends called me fatty which caused me to lose my confidence in public that’s why I told my husband I am not going outside anymore.
He told that he never mind that I am fat or they called me fatty because He love me.

I am thankful to God for giving me an understanding husband and loving husband. He always encourages me when I am not in the mood or feeling down. That day I decided to do some exercise to make myself to make better.
I also prayed to God to help me lose weight. After how many months of trying hard for my diet and exercise, I lose weight, I am happy for the result of my hard work God, never let me suffer with my obesity.
I am thankful to God for helping me through my journey, I am grateful He answered my prayers and gave me the strength that I need in my weight journey.
Also to my husband who is always there to support me.

To the people who is been struggling with their weight don’t lose hope and keep on believing that you can do it and God is there to guide us.


I am inspired by your weight journey, I also obese and it is hard for me to do some workouts. But I never let those people look down on me, Instead of listening to those unpleasant words, I will try my best to avoid them. From today I will start to have some work out and diet.
I know nothing is impossible when you try.

thank you for sharing your testimony, I know everyone of us will inspired about your testimony.
May the lord bless you and your family with good health and abundant blessings also shower His love to surround your family.