My Testimony of Healing And Forgiveness

I always have had back pain before. I keep praying and praying, but God never answers my prayer.
I feel hopeless at that time.
One day my friend visited me at my house and prayed that God heals me from the pain.
And we have a quick Bible study. After that, I have a lot of realization that God is our savior from our sins. I felt like I was indebted to God for saving me from my sin.
I am asking forgiveness from God for all the sins that I committed before.
After a week, when I woke up, I didn’t feel the pain anymore. I can move well without any pain.
I cried for that because God heard my prayers and never forsaken me.
I am grateful to God for restoring my health. Nothing is impossible for God when we believe in Him.
God bless everyone.