My Testimony of Healing And Faith

I used living alone since 17 years old. Last year when I was staying in my room, I suffered from pain in my right leg, I am trying for how many times to get up, but I couldn’t get up. I feel sorry for my state. And no one can help me. All I can do is cry and question God, why? I am a good person, but why am I suffering? Am I not good enough?
Then someone knocking my door asking if I was okay. I told them about my situation, then my neighbor helped to get up and brought me to the hospital.
From that moment, I am asking God for forgiveness for the unpleasant word that I say. I know I am worthy of His forgiveness because of my sins. But I believe that he never forsakes His children.
So I started to change from that day. I return to the church and study the word of God so that I can share it with the people.
Before, I always felt that I was alone, but I was never really alone. God is always by my side. God is with me all the time.
I am grateful to God for His unfailing Love for us.