My Testimony about my Relationship with God

I grew up in a Christian family that taught me good moral values and brought me up with good Christian values. My parents always talked about God’s unfailing love to shower us with, but I never understood their meaning since I was only seven years old. I used to get angered easily and throw tantrums at my parents when I was younger. As I grew older, I was thinking would God love a person like me? And then, I decided to learn the words of God and to know him more. The more I learned, the hungrier I got for God’s word. I started praying more often, trying to put God first in my life. Over the years, through my tough times, God has drawn me back from the darkness and into the light, allowing me to say, God, I believe in you, and I need you always. From these instances, my relationship with God has strengthened much more, allowing me to see the unfailing kindness and love He gives to the people around me and me. My Faith is stronger than I could think.

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