My Testimony about my recovery

I encountered car accident one year from now, that cause my right legs become paralyzed. That time I feel like I have no hope for recovery, that I can’t walk for the rest of my life.
The one day my pastor visit me at my home. We talk a lot of things about life and Faith.When he left our house I have a lot of realizations. Then I started believing myself and believing God again. I start to have a therapy , one time my therapist told me that I can walk again. That’s the biggest news I ever heard, and now I can walk again, ready to serve God.Nothing is impossible to God when you believe him.


That’s a Good news for you, when we always trust and have faith God, We all know nothing is impossible .

God bless you, May you continue to serve our God. Thank God for giving you a miracle healing.

I am happy about your recovery. I know God will always be there for you. To all the things that you are doing, keep believing in him. God bless you

I am glad to hear that. Nothing is impossible for our God. Keep on believing in him. God bless you always.