My Testimony about God's Presence

I went to church with my family at the tender age of 10. Then, I was baptized. Since then, I have attended Sunday School and teens in my previous church. Throughout that year, I couldn’t feel that attachment to God and did not have enough knowledge to learn more about Him.However, as I grew older, I realized that God has always been there for me and guiding me in His ways. At my lowest, I realized that God was there with me. I knew of His presence as He took care of me and sheltered away problems that I could potentially face. I slowly realized that whatever God had planned for me since I was born was for the better, despite all the ups and downs I encountered along the way. I am serving our church, growing to be a better Christian with a stronger faith.

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God’s presence is always there for us as long as we believe in Him. May God guide you continually and gives you the wisdom to share his words. I am praying that God gives you strength and protection daily.