My Testimony about God's Goodness

I was born into a Christian family and have had the privilege of growing up in church and listening to God’s word since young. But when I was 13, I stopped attending youth fellowship and grew distant from my previous church. Still, I continued to participate in Sunday service, but in my heart, I knew that I was lukewarm in my faith. In college, one of my friends convinced me to attend a church seminar. There, I realized how little my faith meant to me. Then I told myself that I wanted to grow closer to God. I Thank God for allowing me to meet my friends who showed me what it looked like to live passionately for Christ and to speak about the gospel courageously in my environment. Those years changed my outlook on life completely – what I used to believe was achieved by luck or chance. I now recognize that it was made possible only by God’s provision and Goodness. Although I continue to struggle with sin, God remains faithful and patient with me. I am always grateful for God’s Goodness in me.

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