My sister recovered from her anxiety

My sister has anxiety before, but with the help of her psychiatrists, she is now doing well.
I am happy for her recovery because I know it is not easy for her to fight it.
I am grateful to her psychiatrist because she has a lot of patience for my sister.
She did everything with her strength to make my sister recover and went back to her normal life.

Thank you also for all your prayers, I know without the guidance of God, she can’t make it.


Thanks God for giving her a healing power for her anxiety.
Nothing is impossible when believe God.
Keep believing in God.


Thank you @alphonsine_wilcox God bless you!

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Thank god that she is already recovered from her anxiety.
Nothing is impossible with God when you believe in Him.

I am happy for because she overcome those battles.
Keep on believing and always look on the brighter side of our lives.
There is so much wonderful things waiting for us.