My personal testimony about the Goodness of God

Last year we are facing bankruptcy, I didn’t know what to do at that time since its the only source of our income. My siblings are also struggling with their finances. I don’t where I can ask for some help at that time. Then I decided to go to church praying with all my heart. I cried to God that he gave me some financial miracle. I don’t what time I finish praying. Until I feel like I don’t have any tears in my eyes.

After how many days, My friend ask me if I want to join their church mission. I can’t decide at that time since I am facing some financial difficulties. And then one of my friends told me that he want to have a companion since he is not familiar with that place. So I decided to join that medical mission.
One of the volunteers ask me if I need some personal help then I told him about what happened to me.

Before we went back to our place, he offered me some help, he lend me some money for my business, he said because he believe in my capabilities. I am grateful that God use someone to help my business grow again and I never let him disappoint. I work hard to make my business grow.