My personal prayer

Heavenly Father, I am grateful for the spirit of peace, sound mind, love, faith, and self-control. I am thankful that you never leave me or forsaken me.
I pray to be cleansed of all negativity, intrusive thoughts and feelings, and fear.
I pray to never falter or lose hope.
I pray for protection against all enemies and forces that try to keep me down.
I pray to never go a day without faith and peace. Let me stand on the rock with trust in my heart as I focus on you.
I trust in you because you are my father, defender, shepherd, and salvation.
You have never failed me and you never will. In Jesus’s mighty name, I pray Amen.


I am praying to for your personal request.
May the Lord God will give you on what desire in this life.
God bless you @tyrone_dave

I include this in y prayers, May the presence of the Lord be with you always to guide and protect you from enemy.
God bless you!