My Parents Golden Anniversary

Yesterday was my parents’ golden anniversary, and I am so excited for another milestone in their marriage. I had never heard my parents fighting since I was young. I think this is one of their secrets as a couple. They were always supporting each other, every decision that they made. I hope that someday I find my future husband like my father, who treats my mother dearly. Who love me hardheartedly as my father did. I love you, mom and dad. I wish you both that you’re living with us for the rest of your life. Thank you for taking care of me.


Congratulations to your parents, They have an inspiring story; I am also hoping that I can find my future wife soon since I am already 31 years old. I wish your family to have a long life.

Sending lots of love to your family :heart: :heart: You have a wonderful family. I can’t help thinking that someday I will have a family like yours. God bless you

Congratulations to your parents, May god bless your family. I imagine having a family like yours :heart_eyes:

Congratulations to your parents. I am happy for them, and My parents celebrated their silver anniversary yesterday: :heart_eyes: I am so glad to have lovable parents like them.