My Ideal House!

As I live in California, I would like my ideal house to be situated on one of the residential estates or on one of the mountains, where I can feel the fresh air from the breeze of the mountain. Have a garden surrounded by beautiful and colorful glowing flowers, Like orchids, roses, and bougainvillea. There would be tall leafy trees for shade where my private swimming pool be built. You could relax and swim in the heat of the day. A house that I spend the rest of my life with my family.


I want to build a house near the foot of the mountains, where I can feel the breeze of the hills and hear the birds singing. It is so relaxing. A home is full of the love and laughter of my family.

My Ideal house is simple as long as we can live with my family together—a place full of laughter and love. We live together until we all get older. I am a simple person who is content with the small things that make me happy.