My Idea of happy life

When I think of my idea to have a happy life, I think first of all is Money, Money to buy a beautiful House for my parents, brother and sisters. All the clothes that we could ever want and as many possessions like bicycles and modern appliances as the heart could desire, foreign travel, and first-class education for my sister. I think I could be happy, It is true that Money contributes to comfort and easy living, but Money in itself cannot create happiness. Until one day, I read this verse from First Timothy 6:10
10 For the love of Money is the root of all kinds of evil. I always think Money is the most important thing to all, But I realize while reading this verse the essential thing to all is the grace of the Lord.

My idea of a happy life is spending time with my family and with our God. I feel contented staying with my family. They are always there to comfort and cheer me up when I feel down. Most of all, one of my comfort is studying God’s word.