My husband decided to quit smoking

I ask a prayer last week for my husband about his smoking addiction.
You know today I am wondering why I didn’t see my husband using cigarettes’ I ask why? He told me that he decided to quit to smoke since it’s the reason why we are arguing. I am happy for him that he learned from his mistakes and I am happy because it is not good for his health.

Thank you so much for all your prayers.
Thank you God for letting my husband change his attitude, thank you for guiding him show him what is right and wrong.
I am hoping that he will continue to be a good husband and a father to my child.

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Answered Prayer indeed! It is good that your husband quit his smoking addiction. I know it is hard to do so since it was already an addiction, but through your prayers and God’s miracle, nothing is impossible.

Thank God for hearing and answering all their prayers. I am happy that he realized and decided to quit his smoking addiction.
May God always guide and keep him away from temptation.

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