My Girlfriend surprise me with a Persian Cat

I have a Persian cat. I got it as a present from my Girlfriend on our 3rd anniversary. I have always loved cats dearly and often wish to have one. My Girlfriend gave me a pleasant surprise by fulfilling it. I named it Princess. It’s white. I have set up a small cat house. She always sneaks into my bed the very first day it comes home, and since then, it’s slept beside me. I love spending time with the princess.


How thoughtful of your Girlfriend is :heart:, I also have a cat, a Ragdoll cat. I bought it last month since I love to have a cat. I name her Lovely, for she is lovable indeed. She is an intelligent cat.

My mother surprises me with a Pomeranian dog on my 18th birthday. Since that is one of my dreams to have a dog. I name him Bunny. He is so lovable and playful. I love him so much.

I wish I could have a Persian cat. I love cats, they are so lovable, and I love them to cuddle with me.

Happy anniversary sending love and enjoyment to your relationship, and May God bless you always.

congratulations on your 3rd anniversary, Sending hugs and love to you. God bless you always