My family Tradition

What is your family tradition that won’t forget before?

Having the same meal on the same day each week is our family tradition when my Grandparents are both alive.
It feels so good to see every member of our family together once a week.
Having chitchat while we are at the dining table until dawn.
Sadly after how many years my grandparents died tradition They have forgotten our tradition, some come and some don’t.
How I wish we could stay together once a week.

I hope when they are not busy with their work they can have time to come home again.
It would be the happiness of our late Grandparents.


It’s a great feeling to be with your loved one and have dinner together as a family.
Because we don’t have that kind of tradition, as long as we see each other, we’ll be happy because we know that they are always busy.

All I hope for them is God will bless them with a long life and also protect them wherever they are.


Going to the river and then having a casual conversation about life. We can smile in the simplest ways possible.


Having short conversation with my family and eating together is enough for me.
Since I am already contented seeing them healthy and happy.