My family is my number one supporter all the time

My family is my number one supporter all the time. They are always there to cheer me up when I am down that is why it was hard for me to stay away from them.
I decided to work in another country after I graduated from college but my life there is not easy. I’ve been through a lot that time, It was tough for me to adjust and I thought that time was my end but with the help of my family and being my number one encourager I can make it.

I survive, and now I stayed here in the US for good.
My family visited me here once a month.

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It was so nice to feel that your family supported you from zero to your achievement, it gives you a reason to keep going and survive because they are waiting for your victory.
They are there to support you no matter how big your achievement is.

How I wish I have a family like yours.
God bless your family.